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Circulation and Mobility Vision

The purpose of the Circulation and Mobility Vision is to guide place-based, comprehensive transportation planning in our neighborhood that will allow all types of people to travel to and move aroun

Publication Date
Dec 1, 2012

Larimer Vision Plan

1. 2010 Larimer Vision Plan-Web Version.pdf

Publication Date
Nov 1, 2010

2010 Community Plan

May 13, 2010

The 2010 East Liberty Community Plan is a long-term framework for revitalization.

Parking Study

A comprehensive look at East Liberty's parking capacity and future needs was completed in 2009.

Timothy Haahs & Associates, Inc.
Publication Date
Mar 24, 2009

StreetWorks Presentation and Market Plan

In 2003, building on previous studies with additional research, Street-Works consultants identified a new development strategy for East Liberty that leveraged its market strength and showed how urb

Publication Date
Oct 16, 2007

EastSide Transit-oriented Development TRID/TIF Analysis

In order to better understand the economic impolications of the East Liberty redevelopment strategy, Nabru Lawener (a partnership between ELDI and the Mosites Company) retained Economics Research A

Economics Research Associates
Publication Date
May 11, 2007

Bakery Row Plan

In 2006, more than 200 residents, business owners, developers and other stakeholders met to discuss the future of the stretch of Penn Avenue between Penn Circle East (the edge of East Liberty's com

Pfaffman + Associates
Publication Date
Oct 2, 2006

Development Guidelines for the Center of East Liberty

East Liberty's Central Business District, once the third largest concentration of commercial activity in Pennsylvania, is poised for renewal.

Rothschild Doyno Architects; Brean Associates
Publication Date
May 1, 2004

1999 Community Plan: A Vision for East Liberty

Jan 1, 1999

Our first community plan, A Vision for East Liberty, helped guide our neighborhood's recovery from the scars left by well-intentioned but ultimately destructive urban renewal efforts.

St. Peter & Paul Church Feasibility Study

The St. Peter and Paul Church, formerly the Everlasting Covenant Church, property on Larimer Avenue in the East Liberty neighborhood of Pittsburgh has been abandoned for a number of years. The site presently contains three buildings: the Church structure with frontage on Larimer Avenue, its connecting 2-1/2-story Rectory set back from Larimer Avenue, and a separate 3-story School at the rear of the property.