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East Liberty Crime Reports

In 2013, East Liberty Development, Inc. (ELDI) Real Estate, LLC commissioned a crime study analysis to examine the linkages between lowered crime rates, increased property values and initiatives of ELDI. Numeritics, a Pittsburgh-based consulting practice, completed the analysis and offers insights to explain ELDI's role in these developments.

Now, as East Liberty's revitalization is increasingly in the spotlight, we wanted to take a closer look at the renewal and re-examine the causes behind it. In a series of white papers, Numeritics revisits their findings and expounds further, revealing the groundwork that lies underneath East Liberty's current revival.

View the original crime study and latest white papers below.


Crime Study Analysis

The first crime study analysis completed by Numeritics in 2013.

"Within a span of five years, 2008 to 2012, overall crime in the residential area of East Liberty has decreased by 49%, and residential property prices have doubled. These developments occurred in an environment where the median income stagnated and actually declined in real terms and where there was minimal change in the racial composition of the neighborhood. This crime reduction issignificantly greater than what occurred in the City of Pittsburgh during that period, and is also larger than that observed for comparable neighborhoods in close proximity to East Liberty. A series of questions prompted by these developments are what informed this study." 

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White Papers


White Paper One — Crime Trend and Property Prices

The first white paper addresses the correlations between crime trends and property prices.

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White Paper Two — Crime Reduction Strategy

The second white paper examines East Liberty's revitalization from a theoretical standpoint, using contemporary academic theories in criminology as a framework to help explain why ELDI's efforts have been successful. 

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White Paper_East Liberty Revitalization- Crime Reduction Strategy.pdf

White Paper Three — Crime Strategy Implementation

The third white paper answers the question, "what exactly did you do?" The goal of this white paper is to summarize the implementation of ELDI's unique and innovative strategies that helped reduce residential crime in East Liberty by 49% over a five-year period.

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White Paper_ East Liberty Revitalization_Crime Strategy Implementation.pdf


White Paper Four — Gentrification

In the fourth white paper, Numeritics breaks down the many elements at play in East Liberty and Pittsburgh at large. Discussing the demographics of the neighborhood, affordable housing and inclusive planning, concerns of gentrification are addressed and analyzed.

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Community Revitalization White Paper_Addressing Gentrification.pdf


White Paper Five — Indirect Benefits

In the fifth white paper, Numeritics discusses the many ways in which our community benefits from revitalization that extend far beyond increases in property values.