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The Pedestrian Bridge

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The Pedestrian Bridge is now open!

After years of planning, the Pedestrian Bridge connecting East Liberty and Shadyside is now open. The project, spearheaded by the Urban Redevelopment Authority, will be completed when there is a break in the weather to apply an asphalt seal. Until then, enjoy the bridge!

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by Anonymous on Feb 24, 2012

I was recently excited to take a shopping walk. I live in Lawrenceville-took the bus from there to a dry cleaners in Shadyside. I walked up Ellsowrth Avenue and passed restaurants that I frequent and across the pedestrian bridge (WOW IS IT SHORT). Through the shops in East Side and off to the newly opened Original Hot Dog Shop. Then it was off to Target and then to Club One. I did not need a greaat deal of exercise when I go there! It was wonderful to enjoy such an easy peaceful walk through the East End. As a disclaimer, I do sit on the board of ELDI but that does not stop me from being proud of all that can be done in East Liberty. Jsck