There’s a new flavor on the block, and it comes from halfway around the world.

In the spirit of the Waffle Shop, which is both a place to eat waffles and the set of a reality TV show, we now have Kubideh Kitchen: more than just a place to get a delicious Iranian sandwich.

Kubideh Kitchen is the first in a series of Conflict Kitchen features. Every 4 months, Conflict Kitchen will feature food from a different country with which the U.S. is in conflict. It is attached to the Waffle Shop and runs out of the same kitchen, serving up to-go kubideh sandwiches with freshly-made barbari bread, spiced ground beef, and fresh mint, basil, and onion.

The Tehran/Pittsburgh YouTube Mix

On Saturday, July 10th, Conflict Kitchen (in Pittsburgh) and Sazmanab Project (in Tehran) will present a live screening of videos curated directly from YouTube posts shot both in Tehran and Pittsburgh. A back and forth format will utilize the vast and idiosyncratic resources of YouTube to present first-person video accounts that reflect on the daily life of each city. The forty-minute screening will be followed by a live Skype conversation between attendees in Pittsburgh and Tehran.  The event will take place next door at the Waffle Shop, 124 S. Highland Ave., at 11:30 a.m. (EDT).

KUBIDEH KITCHEN is open every day from 11am-2pm and on Friday and Saturday nights from 11pm-3am.

Check out their blog at  Kubideh Kitchen has also been featured on NPR’s All Things Considered.