ELDI is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. As such, donations are welcomed and appreciated. Donations to ELDI can be made through the contribution form below. Money will go directly towards our efforts in planning, advocacy, facilitation, and investment in East Liberty, and towards the realization of the community’s vision of an equitable and diverse neighborhood as outlined in our 2010 community plan.

You can also write a check to:

East Liberty Development, Inc.
100 Sheridan Square, Fourth Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Also consider supporting:

Circles Pittsburgh

As a part of our work at ELDI, we fund and support the Circles program. Circles is a non-profit organization working to end generational poverty in our community by helping people help themselves. They are doing amazing, transformative work. Learn more and donate to support local families: http://circlespgh.org/donate/

The Bridge Music Hall

Our friends are working to develop a new concept called The Bridge Music Hall. The Bridge Music Hall will be a 250-seat, cabaret-style music listening room that aims to be a hub for local and visiting artists using a member-supported, nonprofit model that is self-sustainable and guarantees artist pay.

They need our help to make it happen though and are currently fundraising to that end. Head over to their GoFundMe page to learn more and support their mission.

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