KST’s resident youth theater company, Alumni Theater Company, returns for a performance in partnership with The Bill Nunn Theatre Outreach Project. In this African folk tale, Ananse the Trickster dreams of a life with no demands and responsibilities.  He schemes to fake his death and live a life of luxury, relaxing and living off the crops of his farm while the rest of the village sleeps.  Ananse’s plan goes smoothly until Ananse’s son notices that the crops have been depleted and hatches a scheme of his own.

The Alumni Theater Company portrays this classic tale through outstanding characterization under the direction of Bill Nunn, critically acclaimed actor and founder of The Bill Nunn Theatre Outreach Project. Production choreography provided by Ayisha Morgan-Lee, founder, CEO and artistic director of Hill Dance Academy. Traditional African drumming led by George Jones.

Friday performance: $2.50
Chaperones and Teachers are free!
Saturday performance: $5 Door & Advance