The Borders Books building in the Eastside retail development in East Liberty, has been awarded the LEED Core and Shell Gold Certification by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). This project is one of the first LEED Gold certified projects in Pittsburgh and also among the first LEED Core and Shell LEED certified projects in the country!

TOMORROW, March 4, 2008 at 2:00 pm, Rick Fedrizzi, the President, CEO and Founding Chairman of the USGBC, the organization responsible for the LEED program, will present the LEED Core and Shell Gold Certification plaque to The Mosites Company at Borders Books, the anchor tenant in the building.

The Design Alliance Architects, with the support of evolveEA, the LEED management consultant, developed a number of green features in the project including:

● Rainwater from the building roof is piped to an underground cistern that eliminates the need for municipal water for irrigation purposes of the entire Eastside development.

● Energy modeling simulation of the building demonstrates 17% energy savings over a typical retail building. The savings are a result of the high-performance curtain wall system, enhanced insulation, and high-efficiency heating & cooling systems.

● The design and construction team exhibited careful and environmentally sensitive decision making in managing construction waste and selecting appropriate materials for the building. Nearly all of the construction waste was recycled; products manufactured locally and regionally, and those made from recycled material, constitute over 30% of the building’s materials.

● The bi-level development was constructed using highly reflective surfaces for the hardscape (sidewalks, drives, ramps) and roofs, reducing the heat island effect and mitigating significant change to the local climate.

● The Eastside Development is a model of urban infill development that provides a walkable, bikeable environment and cross-linkages through the site for local residents and visitors alike. The development has strategically located bike racks around the site to encourage alternative transportation, and a shower room available to employees in the development.

● The Mosites Company encourages current and future tenants to pursue LEED for Commercial Interiors certification, and has provided them with guidelines on what strategies should be pursued to complement the features of the building and the development.

These commendable building decisions make for healthy, sustainable infrastructure in East Liberty and congratulations to the Mosites Company, The Design Alliance Architects and all other partners on this LEED certification award!

If you would like to read more about this award, here is thePress Release and the articles in the Post Gazette and Business Times.