People are buzzing not only about the new amenities in East Liberty, but also about the growing number of employment opportunities they provide. Employers such as Staples, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Home Depot and Goodwill are just a few examples of new and existing businesses employing and engaging new and long-term residents from the community of East Liberty. Opportunities exist within the construction of residential and commercial developments in the area and are accessible through the East Liberty Section 3 Job Training and Referral Initiative, a jointly managed project of the Coalition of Organized Residents of East LIberty and East Liberty Development, Inc. Currently there are positions open in the areas of construction, customer service and hospitality. Through the Job Training & Referral Initiative, community members are informed about employment openings, obtain employment referrals, and learn about position qualifications. The East Liberty Section 3 Job Training & Referral Initiative is currently accepting resumes for immediate openings in the construction and building trades. Although the hospitality and customer service positions are not immediate openings, the Initiative is creating a database of skilled workers taht will be contacted when the positions are open.