[Meeting] June 11: New Burgh Real Estate Negley Ave development zoning change request

[Meeting] The Hound Haus Community Meeting — August 14

[Meeting] Bakery Square Expansion Community Meeting — August 7

[Meeting] East Liberty Pedestrian & Traffic Safety Plan Community Meeting

[Meeting] Giant Eagle Food Access Community Meeting — January 25

[Meeting] Two public Bus Rapid Transit project meetings — Aug 2 + 11

[Meeting] Enright Park + May Sterns Virtual Meetings — April 18th

[Meeting] April 21 — Shakespeare Street Giant Eagle Development Meeting

Drive thru

[Meeting] Public Hearing for Zoning Code Text Amendments—Sept. 28

Enright Park

[Meeting] Enright Park Community Meeting | July 22

[Meeting] Make your voice heard at the City’s 2021 Capital Budget Forums

[Meeting] South Beatty Street development community meeting recap

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