[Spotlight] Inside East Liberty’s Community Planning Committee with Stefani Danes

Penn-Highland Building

[News] Announcing the sale of the Penn-Highland building

Mellon's Orchard South Apartments

[News] Development Update: Mellon’s Orchard South Apartments are almost complete and taking tenants 

Sts. Peter and Paul Church Steeple

[News] New Assessment of Sts. Peter and Paul Church finds general condition good

[Community] Celebrating new NMTC affordable housing!

[Meeting] South Beatty Street development community meeting recap

[Event] New Market Tax Credit Affordable Housing Celebration – February 20

[News] Progress forges ahead on Liberty Green Park

[News] Breaking ground on Mellon’s Orchard South & Harvard Beatty Housing

[News] Module home to be built on Black Street available for pre-sale

[News] Cornerstone Village Apartments opens in East Liberty—from foreclosure to affordable housing

Giant Eagle Redevelopment Meeting Recap

[Meeting] Giant Eagle Redevelopment Meeting recap

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