The Penn Avenue Revitalization Plan community meeting held Tuesday, March 11 drew residents and stakeholders from Friendship, Bloomfield, Garfield, Lawrenceville, East Liberty and beyond to discuss street improvements ideas. After a short presentation of the studies, planning process and finances put in place up to this point, community members broke into groups speficied by the section of Penn Avenue to their interest (or for the overall plan.)

The two mile stretch of Penn Ave being proposed for redevelopment spans from 34th Street in Lawrenceville to Negley Ave on the border of Friendship and East Liberty. Because it is so long and runs through multiple neighborhoods, it has been broken into sections for Doughboy Square (34th St), Arsenal District, the new Children’s Hospital corridor, and the Arts District (up to Negley.)

Community members discussed the use of funds for new traffic and pedestrian signals, new crosswalks and sidewalks, new street lighting, street paving, new sidewalks, new utility lines, new signage and pavement markers, transit/cyclist accommodations, street trees and furniture, and other street facade improvements.

For more information about the project or to voice your opinion, visit the online discussion group. Or you can contact Patrick Hassett with the City of Pittsburgh at 412.255.2883, Aggie Brose with the Penn Ave Corridor Phasing Plan Committee at 412441.6950 or the Project Manager, Brain Krul at 412.201.4900.