On Tuesday September 18 from 6 to 8 pm, East Liberty will hold its second Community Meeting of the summer at East Liberty Presbyterian Church. This community meeting will lay the framework for up-coming developments by reinvigorating the community Task Forces.

These Task Forces will address eight areas that have been highlighted by community stakeholders for their importance to the continued progress of East Liberty.
The Task Forces to be convened are:
Safe Neighborhoods – The members of this team will explore realistic, sustainable approaches to East Liberty’s issues with drugs, violence and crime.
Workforce – This team will work to ensure that the residents of the neighborhood will benefit from the up-and-coming economic and business developments through local, quality employment.
Youth Engagement – This Task Force will explore and highlight positive scholastic and extra-curricular options for our youth.
Healthy Community Members – This group will strategize ways to help the community to learn about, understand and embrace the importance of healthy, constructive lifestyles and habits.
Housing – This team will find ways to ensure that existing and planned housing provide a high quality of life for everyone in the neighborhood.
Parks and Recreation – This Task Force will explore strategies to ensure that East Liberty will have clean, healthy and green places for all ages to enjoy.
Small Business – This team will investigate strategies to support the growth and vitality of small businesses which are integral to preserving the culture of East Liberty.
Commercial Core Planning – This Task Force will underscore the importance of approaching current and future commercial development in a thoughtful, strategic manner to ensure the best outcome for those who live, work and play in East Liberty.

All community members and stakeholders are invited to attend. For more information about the Community Meeting or Task Forces or to get involved, contact Emily Nordquist at 412.361.8061 or emily.nordquist@eastliberty.org.