The second ELDI Space Walk and Talk of Saints Peter and Paul Church facilitated by ULEAD was held on April 16th. It attracted a large, diverse crowd from Larimer, East Liberty, and Highland Park, with some residents remembering the space from decades ago.

“My Uncle got married here,” one person recalled, while another had fond memories of Operation Dig, when part of the church facilities were used for job training in the early 70s.

A sound check of the space was conducted with the singing talents of ULEAD Strategist, Brigette Bethea, who then provided the background music during the actual tour.

“Everyone’s jaw dropped,” said Gary Cirrincione, an architect and member of the Saints Peter and Paul reuse committee. “No microphone was even needed.”

A direction for the church

With dozens of opinions now solicited, people are leaning toward a performance space, but this is by no means the only opinion. The hundreds of ideas submitted even include a community roller rink.

ULEAD will facilitate a special Space Walk and Talk tour prior to the Arts Town Hall on May 16th at 4 pm with live art organized by Nina and Jason Sauer of Most Wanted Fine Art.

“The Sauers are arts royalty in Pittsburgh,” said ULEAD Creative Strategist, Christine Bethea. “We’re lucky to have them as part of the Saints Peter and Paul reuse team.”



Join us at the Sts. Peter & Paul Arts Town Hall event on May 16th


Thursday, May 16th
4-6 pm

Meet us at the church at 130 Larimer Avenue.

The moderated conversation will take place next door at
the Pentecostal Temple Church of God in Christ
6300 E. Liberty Blvd.

Check out the planning process up until this point <