On the evening of Thursday, May 16th, we opened the doors of the Saints Peter and Paul church once again for a special Arts Town Hall event in partnership with Partners for Sacred Places and ULEAD. The doors of the sanctuary opened at 4 pm and artists with Most Wanted Fine Art created art pieces in the space while attendees took a tour of the church.  At 5 pm, we transitioned over to East Minster Presbyterian Church for our town hall discussion. Partners for Sacred Places and ULEAD gave a short introduction about the project and the community feedback we have received thus far in the planning process. After the short debrief, participants broke into small groups to talk through some guided questions about the Saints Peter and Paul Church. Towards the end of the town hall, the groups were then brought together for a larger discussion about the reuse and potential for the church to address community needs. By 6:45 pm, the event was wrapping up and guests were heading out the door.

Community feedback

Attendees shared a lot of great ideas for how they would like to see the space reenvisioned. Some ideas mentioned: making it a space for assembly and job training purposes, a conference center, or a school, among others. We’ll be sharing more details about the feedback we’ve received so far in future reports.

For now, take a look at some of the images from the event and stay tuned for the next step of the planning process.