In a recent feature on WPXI, Paul Tedesco, senior director of behavioral health at Familylinks, talks about the East Liberty Resource Coordination Initiative, a partnership between Familylinks and ELDI to get more folks in or eligible for section 8 housing the assistance they need to get to the next level in their lives. Assistance can take many forms — it’s whatever the individual needs, be it help with education, housing or even getting a driver’s license.

Families are referred to Familylinks by ELDI and services are designed to enable residents to meet eligibility requirements for the Circles program, in which the goal is to get people to incomes of at least 200% of the poverty level. Once a family or individual is identified as a good match for the Familylinks program by ELDI, they are typically seen by Familylinks within 24 hours of referral or immediately if necessary.

Watch the video to learn more about the partnership and check out a past Bulletin story on the subject. > Find it on page 7.