Catapult_Social Media MarketingHere we’re sharing some pictures of this week’s Catapult: Start-Up to Storefront session on the subject of social media marketing.

The main topics covered were:

> The importance of having a social media presence.
> The importance of verifying and/or registering your business on the three most popular social media platforms.
> Focus on three social media platforms.
> How to avoid social media slapping.

“The entire presentation was embraced by the cohort and I am confident that the items discussed will be implemented,” said CeCe Williams, co-facilitator the group.

The cohort participants were actively trying to verify and/or register their businesses during the presentation. This afforded the cohort the opportunity to receive guidance if obstacles were encountered.

Deborah Batten-Reid, the founder of Talk Over Tea, a service which aims to create moments of relaxation over tea and cake, found the session helpful and clarifying:

“The social media marketing was very interesting to me, as an older, but young-at-heart entrepreneur. I’m old school. I write invitations out by hand, place them in the mail, and await my RSVP reply by phone. In this changing world in which we live, I know I have to get with it. The social media vehicles that are out there are kinda scary to me, but Mr. Breymeier gave an excellent presentation and cleared up some of my fears. I feel like a baby learning how to walk, taking a step to see if I can do the social media thing for my business.”

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