Pedal enthusiast have reason to be happy! Mayor Luke Ravenstahl and Councilman Patrick Dowd announced yesterday in Enrico’s Tazza D’Oro on Highland Avenue their intentions to be parts of Pittsburgh’s driving force for biker and pedestrian safety and convenience.

This will include putting in more bike lanes, improving signage and links to public transportation, as well as creating benefits for establishments to have bike racks. All of these changes will come easier because the city hired Stephen Patchens, the first full-time bicycle/pedestrian coordinator in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

According to, the personal and societal benefits of bicycling and walking are myriad, ranging from individual health and thrift to community-building and personal empowerment. The environmental benefits are numerous as well, particularly in relation to the prevailing major mode of transportation in the U.S. the private car. Bicycles and walking conserve roadway and residential space; avert the need to build, service, and dispose of autos; and spare users of public space the noise, speed, and intimidation that often characterizes motor vehicle use, particularly in urban areas.

Read about the bike lanes plans in the Post Gazette. Also, watch a video of Patrick Dowd speaking about this biking initiative!

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1. Kayla Berkey says

I’m so glad to hear about the addition of more bike lanes. Biking on East Liberty Boulevard has been greatly improved since the addition of the bike lanes. It’s really nice to see that people are paying more attention to bikers.

October 27th, 2008