East Liberty is bringing down the House. This Saturday, August 25, will be the fifth annual Hot House event held by the Sprout Fund. The event will be at Eastside and hard to miss, considering last year the event attracted over 2,200 patrons.

The list of events, which is far too long to mention all, includes all-night musical entertainment by the Mandrake Project, Sonjio, Donora, and Black Bear Combo, as well as an auction, art exhibitions, innovative demonstrations, dancing…

Hot House is considered a “live annual report” by the Sprout Fund. The event showcases all of the most innovative and fascinating projects from the neighborhood, which were supported and funded by the Sprout Fund.

The happening will be followed by an after-party at the Shadow Lounge – admission is included with a Hot House ticket. For more information or to buy your tickets go to the Sprout Fund/Hot House website.