Jacquelin Weitzel of Terra Settlement Services goes over the closing agreement with new East Liberty home owners, Andrew and Bernadette Collins. This is the fourth home to be renovated and sold in the Blitz Build program.

The East End Blitz Build Rehab program is renovating six homes in the East Liberty and Garfield area over eight weeks throughout the summer, with another two homes expected to be completed in the fall. ELDI and Hosanna industries, in partnership with a number of other faith-based groups in the East End, complete a total restoration to one of these houses in only a week.

Every day, 50 to 60 volunteers from church and youth groups refinish floors, fix damages, paint and replace fixture… to prepare the house to be sold. All of the low-income families the houses are sold to are first time home-owners. They receive financial support through local churches, the Federal Home Loan Bank and Dwelling House Savings and Loan.

The Blitz Build program is looking for volunteers, those interested should contact Michael Stanton at Hosanna industries 724.770.0262.
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