Construction of the Ellsworth Avenue Pedestrian Bridge is finally going to begin! The long-awaited notice to proceed with construction was issued by the Urban Redevelopment Authority February 7. The completion date for the pedestrian bridge will be no later than December 27, 2011.

Job drawings and submittals are now being prepared and construction materials are being ordered. The artist will be back in town in the next few weeks to work with the Pittsburgh Glass Center on the fabrication of the glass sequins, and the general contractor anticipates being physically on-site by the end of April.

For those who contributed during the early stages of this project, Thank You! Your contribution helped with the planning and engineering costs associated with the bridge. These costs have exceeded $450,000. While the process has been slow, your contributions helped us finally get to the start of construction.

Thanks again for your patience. Check the Pedestrian Bridge page for continuing updates!

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1. Shelby T says

Awesome! This will defiantly help with traffic!

March 3rd, 2011