Fairfield Apartments, located on the corner of Penn Circle and Broad St., had its Grand Opening ceremony Thursday, December 16! Congratulations to all of the new residents, property management staff, owners, developer and everyone involved in bringing in these new homes. The apartments have had great success by reaching near-full capacity before their official grand opening, with only a few market-rate units left to rent.

Read more about the event in the City Paper.

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1. Fairfield Renter says

Please note this Apartment complex is not all it’s cracked up to be. Management is poor, lies to tenants, and is sometimes rude. The apartments (mine at least) is very drafty and fixtures in the apartment (doors, shower tiles etc.) are falling apart. Second hand smoke fills the hall ways and my apartment from the apartment below due to shotty work filling the drafts. Pet friendly but the tenants don’t like dogs?? Some say it right to your face and being very rude to boot. People park in the handicapped parking spots all the time and they are not handicapped. It states a gated complex but thugs (groups) walk through there on a daily/nightly basis. NO security cameras no security except buzzing yourself into the apartment itself. Recently human waste (feecy) was found in the main buildings elevator and hallway located near the managers office. I am not impressed at all and you should have held off writing your article because it is painting a very different picture of this dump.

February 26th, 2008