Family Resources
With three locations in East Liberty
Main Office: 141 S. Highland Avenue
Parents’ and Childresn’ Therapeutic Pre-School and Prevention Services: 134 S. Highland Avenue
New Home of Family Resources (Renovations begin fall 2011): 5877 Commerce Street

We make families stronger by giving parents the skills and support they need to raise their children in safe and healthy ways. We work with children, with neighborhoods, and with other agencies so that kids can grow up into successful adults.

When any child’s safety is on your mind, you can turn to Family Resources. We fight child abuse in western Pennsylvania, working with health care providers and social service organizations to help parents and other caregivers raise happy, healthy children. We employ five strategic approaches: innovative options and traditional child abuse prevention approaches; community services for families; a flexible range of treatment services; parent education and public engagement efforts to help shape policy, public opinions and behavior.

Our mission is to prevent and treat child abuse by strengthening families and negihborhoods. Since 1986, Family Resources has distinguished itself as a leader in combating child abuse and providing support and treatment services in western Pennsylvania.