Google has continued to hire and grow locally in Pittsburgh, and today the company is pleased to share news about their ongoing commitment to the region. Google has signed a lease for office space at Bakery Square and will be moving in 2010 into the former Nabisco factory in the East End.  Bakery Square is a Gold LEED-certified development, which is consistent with Google’s green initiatives. They will be leasing two floors of office space, accounting for a total of approximately 40,000 square feet. Google has called the Collaborative Innovation Center at Carnegie Mellon University home since 2006, where their local presence has grown to more than 100 Googlers. Carnegie Mellon has been a wonderful partner to Google and an advocate for engineering and technology in Pittsburgh, and the University looks forward to continuing a close relationship over the months and years ahead. The new engineering office will focus on creating a variety of search tools for Google and could act as an engine for creating new high-tech jobs in the Pittsburgh area.