Hello! My name is Tiffany Clark, and I will be taking over for Emily Nordquist at East Liberty Development, Inc. Me and Fellow Ally Jennifer Heiskell have been plaed at ELDI through a program called Public Allies. I will be updating you weekly about events, new developments, initiatives, and breaking news in East Liberty and the surrounding areas. I am looking forward to serving as the communication link between ELDI and the community members.

Jennifer and I are not newcomers to East Liberty and the surrounding areas. We both currently live in Wilkinsburg, and for years have seen the potential and possibilities of the East Liberty community. After attending Howard University, I returned to the Pittsburgh area determined to bring some change to my community. For that reason, I began working in the non-profit sector within the past year and decided to continue, which brought me to East Liberty Development, Inc.

Jennifer, who is originally from the South Hills of Pittsburgh, will be assisting the small business coordinator. She graduated from the University of Pittsburgh, where she studied economics. In addition, she has had previous experience working with asset development programs. She loves dancing and meeting new people.

Public Allies is a ten-month apprenticeship program. I and 29 other talented individuals will work in various non-profit organizations, engage in leadership development training, and complete team service projects. Public Allies believe in advancing leadership of community members, and using that leadership to strengthen the community. My fellow Allies and I are scattered throughout the city in an assortment of non-profit organizations. Jennifer and I are excited to serve the East Liberty community through working with East Liberty Development, Inc. We are both very enthusiastic about improving and revitalizing the beauty and assets of the East Liberty area. So stay tuned for more updates on the work we are doing in the area! If you have suggestions, or comments, feel free to leave a post on the Post!

Tiffany Clark