On Tuesday, July 7th at East Liberty Presbyterian Church, the Section 3 Job Training Initiative through East Liberty Development, INc. and the Coalition of Organized Residents of East Liberty, in partnership with the Eastside Neighborhood Employment Center hosted an OSHA training session for 15 local residents and construction workers.

Participants received trainign and certification for the following areas: general safety, “haz-com,” materials handling and storage, tools, electrical, excavation, fire protection and prevention, floor openings, stairs, ladders and scaffolding, personal protective clothing and lifesaving equipment.

This course reduces job-site accidents, provides proof of Construction Safety & Health Training and assists employers with meeting OSHA and worksite safety and compliance. The training was funded through Weed & Seed, a partnership of Mayor Luke Ravenstahl, the U.S. Attorney for Western PA and community stakeholders of Larimer, Garfield and East Liberty.