LV Fitness, one of East Liberty’s newest businesses at 124 Highland Ave, is bringing customized, affordable fitness training to everyday people. “I don’t think that a personal trainer’s knowledge should only be available to people who can pay lots of money,” says Joe Ventress, LV Fitness’s owner. “Everyone from couch potatoes to endurance runners benefits from getting personal attention to help them improve.”

To make sure that anyone can join, a month’s worth of classes at LV Fitness is only $55. Discounts are available, and the fees are prorated for individuals who join midway through the month. While Joe is working with clients in small groups of 6-8 individuals, each person receives the expert advice and the attention they deserve.

Joe also partners with organizations to provide fitness classes with a team-building slant for employees or customers. His credentials, including a D-Level Olympic Judo coaching certification, strength and conditioning certification, and a B.A. in exercise science, help him design creative workouts to improve participants’ health and strengthen friendships within the group.

If you’d like to learn more about LV Fitness, visit their website, or send Joe an email at to find out more about classes.