Materials, Media and Me (M3) is a series of Saturday afternoon workshops for children ages 8-10. Each week, a different artist or technologist will introduce a material, show students how they use the material, and lead them through a project. M3 classes will highlight Metal, Paper, Fabric, Found Materials, Electronics and Paint.

Students will explore the properties of the materials with the instructors: How does it bend? How can you attach it to another material? What can I make with this?—before planning their own project. Sign up for one or more M3 classes today by emailing or the EventBrite sites listed below!

June 2 — Metal with Dave Edwards
June 9 — Paper with Katy Dement
June 16 — Fabric with Daniel Baxter
June 23 — Found Materials with Deren Guler
June 30 — Electronics with Mark Barlow
July 7 — Paint with Stephen Tuomala

Event Descriptions:

June 2, noon-3pm, with David Edwards
Turn common kitchen items such as metal whisks, spoons and measuring scoops into a variety of bug-like creatures! Class focuses on hands-on instruction and experimentation with bending, drilling and the fastening of metal parts to create all types of Curious Creatures.

June 9, noon-3pm, with Katy Dement
Learn about surface design, texture, and composition while creating brand new sheets of recycled paper. Don’t just use paper, make it yourself! Start with paper pulp and use a variety of fibers, wet-on-wet collage, and mementos from home to express your ideas.

June 16, noon-3pm, with Daniel Baxter
Explore the broad world of fabric: from clothing to stuffed animals to costumes to kites, functional objects and art pieces. Children will use what they learn about fabrics to create puppets made from a variety of materials, unlocking the magic in ordinary objects and making them come alive.

June 23, noon-3pm, with Deren Guler
Create dynamic, moving sculptures using found materials and parts scavenged from discarded objects. Children will use electronics and simple machines to animate their creations and learn how to present their ideas.

June 30, noon-3pm, with Mark Barlow
Add light and movement to projects by using LEDs, sound-makers and motors powered by simple solar cells. Workshop participants will learn to approach electronic componentry as an expressive material and to power their creations using the power of the sun.

July 7, noon-3pm, with Stephen Tuomala
Dive into the world of paint by exploring a wide range of colorful media: watercolor, gouache, tempera and acrylic. Learn about textures and patterns produced by pairing paints with canvases, board or paper and about how these techniques have been used in the past to create a painting of your own.

About Assemble:
Assemble is a non-profit founded in 2011, which envisions a diverse community that creates, connects, and learns through the experience of art and technology. This program is supported in part by the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, a state agency funded by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency.