This community definitely cares! Last Night, close to 200 of East Liberty’s residents, business owners and stakeholders came to the Task Force Community Meeting at East Liberty Presbyterian Church to listen, ask questions, and give their advice and opinions about potential change in the neighborhood.

These enthusiastic and dedicated community members signed up for one (or more) of the eight specific Task Forces designed to create action plans for East Liberty’s future.

Below is a list of the up-coming meetings. All are invited and encouraged to attend and spread the word! More information and notes from the meeting are still to come! Please use our Community Meeting Forum to discuss potential ideas and thoughts about the meetings.

Task Force Meeting Date and Time Meeting Place
Workforce September 27, 6 – 8 pm Union Project
Youth Engagement October 2, 6 – 8 pm Parental Stress Center
Safe Neighborhoods October 4, 6 – 8 pm ELPC, Room 244
Housing October 4, 6 – 8 pm ELPC, McKelvey Room
Healthy Community Meeting October 8, 7 – 9 pm ELPC, Room 244
Small Business October 9, 8 – 9:30 am ELPC, Room 244
Commercial Core Planning October 9, 6 – 8 pm ELPC, Room 244
Parks and Recreation October 10, 6 – 8 pm ELPC, Room 244