Last Thursday, October 25, the Pittsburgh City Council and a handful of East Liberty Stakeholders met in the City Council Chamber to discuss the potential of a Neighborhood Improvement District. This proposal, if passed, will use funds from an assessment of 304 East Liberty residential and commercial property owners to improve the neighborhood’s street cleaning, trash pick up and overall beautification.

The NID received some opposition from residents of the Loft Condominiums and scattered businesses in the area, saying they do not feel included in the planning process. The city of Pittsburgh has three other NID projects in Downtown, Oakland and the North Side. These privatized trash pickup and cleaning services seems to be proving worthwhile.

The final decision date for East Liberty’s NID is expected by the end of this year. To read more about the NID check out the Post Gazette.


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1. Wendi Miller says

304 Properties, I don’t thing so. Your URA properties have been added to this number along with ELPC properties. None of these properties are under any threat of law to pay an assessment yet you have chosen to vote in this matter. Shame on all of you. You hold a gun to honest tax paying property owners to make us pay for your schemes.

December 9th, 2007