[News] ELDI awarded funds to create for-sale affordable housing

[Meeting] June 11: New Burgh Real Estate Negley Ave development zoning change request

[Spotlight] Building mixed-income communities: the role of the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit

[Spotlight] Beyond Gentrification Part II: Addressing the City’s rotrification crisis

[Spotlight] Beyond gentrification Part I: the hidden-in-plain-sight crisis displacing Pittsburgh residents

[News] ULEAD continues engaging arts organizations for Sts.Peter & Paul Church restoration

[Spotlight] What the upcoming renovation of New Pennley Place and Pennley Commons reveal about revitalizing a community

[News] Catapult launches new program to address tangled title issues and protect generational wealth

[News] Pittsburgh Housing Needs Assessment illustrates link between blight and racial inequity

[News] ELDI wins $600,000 Federal Home Loan Bank grant to fight blight!

[Spotlight] What’s next for East Liberty? ELDI Executive Director Maelene Myers shares her outlook

[Event] Looking back on our impact report release party [photo gallery]

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