[Spotlight] Revisiting the Vision: improving circulation and mobility in East Liberty

[Staff] Meet ELDI’s summer intern, Nina Zhao!

[Spotlight] Blue Sky kitchen and bar coming to the 211 Tower in East Liberty

[News] Giant Eagle closed for remodeling starting July 23rd

[Spotlight] Revisiting the Vision: creating a stable, mixed-income community

[Spotlight] June is national homeownership month!

[Spotlight] Joan King’s homeownership journey with ELDI and partners shows that homeownership has no age limit

[News] Pittsburgh’s blight problem in the Pittsburgh Quarterly: featuring Rising Tide Partners

[News] Development update: Harvard Beatty Housing construction progressing quickly

[Spotlight] The story of Eastside and Whole Foods: how ELDI and Mosites transformed East Liberty’s commercial core

[News] The Detective Building is seeking tenants — retail and office space available

Next Steps Fund Catapult

[Spotlight] Catapult’s Next Steps Fund: helping first-time buyers with down payments and closing costs

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