Land & Power is an engaging new podcast series from 90.5 WESA reported and hosted by Margaret J. Krauss. It’s a deep dive into the story of the razing of the Penn Plaza Apartments in East Liberty and the displacement of its tenants. It also looks at a larger story about gentrification and redevelopment in Pittsburgh and the American city. It’s never a simple story, and we appreciate that Land & Power approaches the issue from many angles.

Margaret spoke with ELDI’s Executive Director Maelene Myers for this podcast, and while ELDI had no direct control over the events of Penn Plaza, Maelene talked to her about the vision for East Liberty that the community outlined in our community plans in 1999 and 2010—a vision of a vibrant and healthy, mixed-income neighborhood. ELDI remains committed to our role as stewards of that community vision and our work of preserving affordability and creating economic opportunities for long-time residents.

> Give the series a listen and head to learn more about East Liberty’s history and our work in the neighborhood.