The Pittsburgh Parking Authority has released a list of Frequenty Asked Questions about the pay-by-license plate meters. If you have questions, contact the Parking Authority or call 412-560-7275.

Q: When are meters enforced? On-Street and in Lots?
A: On-Street Meters: 8:00 a.m.-6:00 pm. Monday-Saturday. Lots: 8:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m. Monday-Saturday. Hours of Enforcement are displayed on the meter screen. 

Q: What is the rate?
A: The hourly and minute rates are different depending on which neighborhood you are in. Rates are posted on the Meter Screen Display.

Q: Can you pay with credit cards?
A: Yes, the new meters/kiosks accept credit cards (Visa or Master Card) as well as quarters, but not dollar bills.

Q: Can you pay at any multispace meter?
A: Yes, you can pay at any meter within the same district (defined as an area with the same rate and time limit).

Q: Is a receipt issued? 
A: Not automatically, receipts are OPTIONAL; you must follow the prompt on the screen to print a receipt.

Q: Do you need to place the receipt on your dashboard?
A: No, the receipt does NOT need to be placed on your dashboard, keep it for your records only.

Q: How do you add time to the meter?
A: When paying by Quarters time will automatically be added for each quarter that is inserted. When paying by credit card you add time by dollar increments by pressing the $1.00 button or by pressing the maximum button.

Q: Do individuals with a disability have to pay to park?
A: Yes, individuals with a disability have to pay to park. But as mandated by the State, they are entitled to receive 60 minutes in excess of the time they purchase. The individual must display a valid handicap placard or the vehicle must have a handicap license plate. 

Q: Are the meter screens lit during the evening?
A: Yes, when any button is pressed the meter screen will light for the duration of the transaction.

Q: Does the meter accept mixed payments? Coins and Credit Card?
A: Yes, but you must first enter quarters then you can finish the transaction with a credit card.

Q: If the license plate number is entered incorrectly can it be corrected?
A: Yes, before your transaction is completed you can either use the backspace key to make corrections or cancel the entire transaction by pressing the red “X” button and start over.

Q: How does the Parking Enforcement officer know I paid?
A: All license plates entered into the meter are trasnferred into the officers’ handhelds for payment verification.

Q: Can a ticket be contested?
A: Yes, call Pittsburgh Parking Court at 866-353-7151 to schedule a hearing (the number is also located on the ticket).