Kevin Rudolph has lived in East Liberty since 1972 and was living in the Penn Circle high-rises since 1991. Last January, he moved into the Penn Manor apartments on St. Clair Street and could not be happier about it.
“There were just so many false promises made over the years about the things that were going to happen in East Liberty. It is really good to see people following through and getting real progress,” Rudolph said.

The Penn Manor apartments are home to 55 residents of mixed race, background and income. Many of the residents used to live in poorly managed units throughout East Liberty, including the high-rises. This building offers a community room, laundry room, storage facilities, security doors and cameras, as well as attentive staff for any issues.

“The maintenance staff takes care of things so quickly here and they leave a note saying they have been in your apartment. Also, there is a Resident Coordinator that helps with the seniors or special needs residents,” Kevin said. His 90-year-old grandmother, Edith Young, lives on the floor below him and he feels better knowing there is someone always able to come to her aid when he can’t.

Kevin equates this positive living environment with a staff and management that really cares about its residents and buildings. He praises Malinda Eubanks, the property manager saying, “I don’t know how one woman can do so much. She oversees everything around here and it always gets done.”

To Kevin, and many other East Liberty residents, the quality of life in Penn Manor is a sign of positive change in the neighborhood they have lived in all their lives.