Please contribute on October 28 to East Liberty Development, Inc.’s revitalization efforts through our region’s community foundation, The Pittsburgh Foundation. The Pittsburgh Foundation has recently established the Pittsburgh Gives program to make it easier for people to contribute to causes they are passionate about all year around with a new online giving website: On Wednesday, October 28th at 10am sharp, The Pittsburgh Foundation will match donations of $50.00 or more with 50 cents for every dollar donated. The foundation will match your dollars until its pool of $200,000 matching funds is exhausted; therefore it is important that donations are made at 10 am or soon thereafter. And remember, if you are interested in donating, please make sure to pre-register before the match day at

Since 1999, ELDI has worked in collaboration with community stakeholders, to act as a catalyst for positive change by providing leadership in the areas of planning, advocacy, image building, and investment. If you are interested in donating to our organization on October 28th please click on the Pittsburgh Gives logo. If you miss the deadline for the matching funds, you can contribute anytime during the year to ELDI by visiting the Pittsburgh Gives website.