Attention smokers! The much anticipated cigarette butt receptacles are now around the neighborhood. East Liberty received a grant from Keep America Beautiful this summer for $1500. This grant was put towards ordering 16 new receptacles to place around East Liberty. This means that smokers now have a place to throw away their cigarette butts rather than litter them on the street or into the storm drains.

Receptacles have been placed around East Liberty at Capri Pizza, the Shadow Lounge, AVA, Citizens Bank, The Smoke Shop, Pizza Sola, and a few other locations.

A scan was done on August 18 to count the amount of cigarette litter before the receptacles were placed around the neighborhood. Another scan will be occurring sometime in November, a month after they were put around East Liberty. This will ensure that the receptacles are being used.

Also, just as a friendly reminder to our smoking friends in East Liberty, throwing your cigarette butts on the ground is considered littering. Please do your best to keep our neighborhood clean for our health and community pride!