According to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, the city Police Bureau will be leaving East Liberty to move to the former state police driver’s license facility on Washington Boulevard. The building on Penn Circle currently houses both police from Zone 5 and firefighters from Engine Co. 8. Police officials say that the station has irreparable damages. There is no word about what this means for the fire station.
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  1. courtney says

    what? what?

    June 28th, 2007

  2. courtney says

    Let’s move the station, and promote our violent officers. When is the mayor going to speak to the community??

    Just out there to “serve and protect”:

    A police report on a Jan. 3 incident states that Sgt. Raymond Hutton was called to the East Liberty apartment shared by Sgt. Hlavac and Lauren Maughan at 1:40 a.m.

    Ms. Maughan told Sgt. Hutton that Sgt. Hlavac pulled her hair, hauled her from a bed and grabbed her wrist, according to the report. She was uninjured, but her left wrist and the back of her neck were red.

    June 29th, 2007