On Tuesday, February 9th at 7 pm there will be a public forum at Peabody High School held by the Pittsburgh Public School District to discuss the reconfiguration of schools and feeder patterns in the East End. The forum will begin with a short overview of the District Advisory Committee’s work, followed by an opportunity for public remarks. Interested citizens may speak for three minutes, and speakers are asked to provide 15 copies of their remarks. Concerned individuals are strongly encouraged to attend the public forum so that the community can monitor the District’s progress and report back to the Open East End Panel. The Open East End Panel is a panel of individuals from a wide range of organizations and backgrounds, all committed to successful public education in the East End.


There will be another public forum held on Thursday, February 25, at 7pm at Westinghouse High School in Homewood. After the Open East End Panel concludes their series of meetings, a report on its findings and recommendations will be presented to the administration, the school board and the community.

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