Quantum Theatre presents Yerma by Federico Garcia Lorca; directed by Melanie Dreyer. With flamenco artists Ethan Margolis and Cihtli Ocampo, members of Arte y Pureza. In an innovative environment of projected moving images created by media artists Carolina Loyola-Garcia and Jose Muniain.

When: April 2 – April 26, 2009.
Curtain Wednesdays – Saturdays 8PM, Sundays 7PM.

Where: 6000 Penn Avenue, corner of Penn and Highland (ArtDimensions Pittsburgh)

Tickets: Call ProArts 412-394-3353 or www.quantumtheatre.com to book; $25 – $35 with a limited number of $15 student tickets.

Yerma is a deeply musical folktale, blending poetic text with flamenco song and dance to create a modern story of unbridled passion. Quantum brings internationally famous flamenco artists Cihtli Ocampo and Ethan Margolis, from Arte y Pureza, together with video artists Carolina Loyola-Garcia and Jose Muniain to build a living installation of moving images that will encompass both the audience and the stage in a complete sensory experience.

Yerma, a young woman in a rural Spanish town, pulses with the rhythms of the earth despite the repressions of a fearful community isolated in time and space. Quantum’s production joins the long tradition of Lorca interpretations that use flamenco to express these rhythms. Feel the force of many generations expressed in Ocampo’s powerful dance and Margolis’ world renowned flamenco guitar.

Quantum welcomes director Melanie Dreyer back to Pittsburgh from New York, where she teaches at Cornell University and runs the International Culture Lab theatre company. The cast includes former Pittsburgh actress Melinda Helfrich as Yerma, Fermin Suarez, Jarid Faubel, Bridget Connors, Sharon McCune, and Laura Mixon. Set design by Tony Ferrieri with lighting by Deborra Bergmark-Peelor and costumes by Marissa Miskanin.