Inflate those tires, oil those chains, and gear up from the 2013 National Bike Challenge, sponsored locally by Bike Pittsburgh and OTB Bicycle Cafe! Officially kicking off May 1 and ending September 30, this free and friendly competition encourages Pittsburghers to get out and ride, whether as daily commuters, weekend warriors, or somewhere in between. The challenge helps riders realize the health, economic and environmental benefits of riding a bike. Riders can choose to participate as individuals or teams, and see how they stack up against others in the Pittsburgh region, and across the nation. This year we’re working to register 1,250 Pittsburghers to help our region pedal to the top spot in the country!

Participant points heavily favor riding daily – 20 points per day, plus 1 point per mile logged. Smartphone users can even download a free app to directly track and log trips for the National Bike Challenge. Challenge yourself, your family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers to get moving, log miles, earn points, and be eligible to win prizes at the national level. Pittsburgh riders even ear free drinks at OTB Bicycle Cafe just for participating! Sign up at, and start logging your miles today.