Smiley’s Pet Pad offers everything a pet owner could need to pamper any pet, from pooch to parakeet. The wide range of products offered at Smiley’s Pet Pad combined with excellent customer service gives it a unique feel that you can’t find at just any pet store.

Ginny Smiley, owner of Smiley’s Pet Pad, is a pet lover herself and understands the need for quality products. Ginny has worked in pet supplies for thirty years and has been serving pet owners at her store on South Highland Avenue for five years.

Smiley’s sells a small selection of birds and small animals such as mice and hamsters. The store has a variety of pet products including healthy lines of dog food and products made by brands such as Planet Dog, these are not products that can be found in large chain pet supply stores.

Along with their fabulous products, Smiley’s offers a very unique service of boarding small pets. While the store does not have room to board dogs or cats, they will be happy to board your bunny, ferret, hamster, bird or other small pets while you’re away.

Smiley’s is located at 215 S. Highland Avenue and its hours of business are Monday 10-7, Tuesday 10-6, Wednesday 10-7, Thursday 10-6, Friday 10-7, Saturday 10-5:30 and Sunday Noon-5. For more information call 412.362.7556.