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The City of Pittsburgh Tuesday February 28 held a public meeting regarding the temporary closure of the South Highland Avenue Bridge. 

South Highland Avenue will be closed from the Rubicon Building (on the Southern side of the bridge) up to Eastside Drive (on the Northern side) during the duration of construction. Paving will also take place on South Highland Avenue all the way to Stevenson Place (Northern side), but that will be performed with single-lane closures for a limited number of days at the end of the construction period.

The reconstruction of the bridge will only involve the “super structure,” or the portion of the bridge above the concrete supports. The supports, known as the “sub structure,” will remain as-is.

Because of the reconstruction of the bridge, Ellsworth Avenue will need to be lowered from Greenbriar Way to Carron Street. This is in order to allow proper clearance under the bridge. Ellsworth Avenue’s clearance under South Highland Avenue is currently 12’8”; the new clearance will be 14’6”. 

Ellsworth Avenue will be closed from Spahr Street to Carron Street. This is to allow for the contractor to provide a staging area for equipment, vehicles, etc. on Ellsworth Avenue. 


There are currently two options for closure. Option One will close the bridge from June-November of 2012. Option Two will close the bridge from March-August 2013. 

Each option will see construction from 6:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m. weekly, including some weekends.