Liberty Bank Building
The Liberty Bank Building on Penn Avenue

The Liberty Bank Building has long stood as a historic gem in the heart of East Liberty. Built in 1912 to house the Liberty Federal Savings and Loan Association, it’s a prime example of Beaux-Arts architecture designed by Frederick Osterling, who also designed the Highland Building. But when the neighborhood fell into decline in the 80s and 90s, the distinctive landmark sat vacant for many years.

It wasn’t until the architect and real estate developer Eve Picker purchased the building in the early 2000s, that it got a second chance on life. Through her company no wall productions, she took it from a vacant shell to a modern coworking space with polished concrete floors, naturally lit stairwells, and open floor plans. For many years, the building was home to East Liberty’s homegrown coworking space The Beauty Shoppe, before their unfortunate closure in 2022. ELDI even had its offices on the second floor there for many years. Today, Picker’s own coworking space venture, Liberty Bank Building Coworking (LBB Coworking), has taken over the whole building and is offering a range of flexible workspace options for freelancers and small businesses alike.

In our short Q&A with Picker below, we asked her what people can expect from the space and how she sees its role in the community.

Can you briefly tell us about the origins of LBB Coworking?

Way back in time, The Beauty Shoppe started a tiny shared office space across the road from the Liberty Bank Building.  They outgrew and rented some more space in our building and more space until eventually three floors of the building were filled with people sharing space.

Unfortunately, COVID was not kind to The Beauty Shoppe.  They declared bankruptcy in early 2022, and this year, we (the building owners) took over the space and have been polishing it up for a revitalized life.

What services do you offer? 

We have flex space, dedicated desks, and offices (S, M, & L). There are multiple conference rooms, kitchens, huddle rooms, phone rooms, and lounging areas as well. The space is fully furnished and we brew fresh coffee every morning. We are also open 24/7.

LBB Coworking has a range of workspaces available in the heart of East Liberty.

What makes your space unique?  

We’re 100% local—not corporate—and woman-owned. We own the building and developed the building before most people saw the neighborhood for the fabulous place it is. And it is a GORGEOUS space.

Why did you decide to set up in East Liberty, and what does being a part of the neighborhood mean to you?  

We purchased and renovated the building 20 years ago, before anyone saw what we did—an interesting, vibrant, and diverse neighborhood, a fabulous historic building languishing vacant. We didn’t “decide” to set up here. We had a building already full of small businesses, and it was a natural transition to cater to even smaller ones.

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