Enright Court_East Liberty

[Opportunity] Affordable homes available in Enright Court

[News] Exciting plans in store for the B’nai Israel synagogue!

[News] Land & Power podcast dives deep into the story of Penn Plaza & gentrification

Samantha Gillcrese_Affordable Homeownership Opportunities Program ELDI

[Spotlight] Samantha Jeffries-Gillcrese’s path to affordable homeownership in East Liberty

[Community] Introducing our Affordable Homeownership Opportunities Program: how we’re helping East Liberty residents become homeowners

Enright Court Affordable Housing_East Liberty affordable housing

[Spotlight] Elaine Fleming’s path to homeownership with ELDI

Gerald McClendon affordable home East Liberty

[Spotlight] Gerald McClendon’s path to affordable homeownership with Circles and ELDI

[Community] Celebrating new NMTC affordable housing!

[Event] New Market Tax Credit Affordable Housing Celebration – February 20

[News] Breaking ground on Mellon’s Orchard South & Harvard Beatty Housing

[News] Cornerstone Village Apartments opens in East Liberty—from foreclosure to affordable housing


[News] We’re partnering with PUI to bring more affordable for-sale housing to the East End

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