[Spotlight] Building mixed-income communities: the role of the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit

[Spotlight] Beyond Gentrification Part II: Addressing the City’s rotrification crisis

[Spotlight] Beyond gentrification Part I: the hidden-in-plain-sight crisis displacing Pittsburgh residents

[News] ELDI wins $600,000 Federal Home Loan Bank grant to fight blight!

[Spotlight] A home that evolves with you: checking in with ELDI’s first affordable homebuyer Gerald McClendon

[Spotlight] Meet your neighbors: Sojourner House gives recovering mothers and their families a new lease on life

[Meeting] Bakery Square Expansion Community Meeting — August 7

[Spotlight] Meet Rebecca Davidson-Wagner, the woman facilitating investment into low-income communities across the East End

[Spotlight] The Connors and the Federal Home Loan Bank Affordable Housing Program Grant: two powerful arrows in the fight to fund affordable housing

[Spotlight] A dream come true: Derek Darwin’s homeownership journey

[News] The Carina (B’nai Israel site) will be accepting apps soon!

[News] After decades of vacancy, Larimer School set to re-open as mixed-income apartments

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