[Spotlight] Art, culture, and community: ULEAD’s role in shaping the future of Sts. Peter and Paul Church

[News] A PHARE fight against blight

[Spotlight] Conservatorship: a powerful weapon in fighting Pittsburgh’s blight problem

[Spotlight] Windows into the past: the art of restoring Sts. Peter and Paul’s stained glass legacy

[Spotlight] Meet Rebecca Davidson-Wagner, the woman facilitating investment into low-income communities across the East End

[Spotlight] Revisiting the vision: PAFI

Mixed-income community (1)

[Spotlight] Revisiting the vision: Why a mixed-income community?

[Spotlight] CMU students help ELDI evaluate the feasibility of an artist residency program in Sts. Peter and Paul Church

[Spotlight] Food as a community development tool: how Food21 is working to create a resilient food economy in Larimer and beyond

The Lesoon Family

[Spotlight] Staying the course: why Eddie Lesoon never gave up on East Liberty

[Meeting] Two public Bus Rapid Transit project meetings — Aug 2 + 11

[Spotlight] Revisiting the Vision: creating a stable, mixed-income community

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