[Spotlight] What’s next for East Liberty? ELDI Executive Director Maelene Myers shares her outlook

[Spotlight] Hundreds of units and families protected — a look at the impact and evolution of Rising Tide Partners

Maelene Myers 20th Anniversary

[Spotlight] What it takes to realize a community vision: Maelene Myers looks back on her life’s work transforming East Liberty

[Spotlight] Windows into the past: the art of restoring Sts. Peter and Paul’s stained glass legacy

[Spotlight] Revisiting the vision: PAFI

Mixed-income community (1)

[Spotlight] Revisiting the vision: Why a mixed-income community?

[Spotlight] Building a Thriving Community: an interview with Village Collaborative Vice President Valerie Parm

KeyBank East Liberty

[Spotlight] KeyBank’s role in East Liberty’s revival + a look at their community programs

[Spotlight] Get to know your neighbors: K. Chase Patterson of the Larimer Consensus Group and the Urban Academy

[Spotlight] Revisiting the Vision: improving circulation and mobility in East Liberty

[Spotlight] Revisiting the Vision: creating a stable, mixed-income community

[Spotlight] Revisiting the Vision: from crime and blight to new opportunity

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