[News] The Carina (B’nai Israel site) will be accepting apps soon!


[News] ELDI wins $2.5 million RACP award for renovation of Sts. Peter and Paul Church

[Spotlight] Funding the vision: WesBanco’s role in East Liberty’s transformation

[News] Mellon’s Orchard South Phase II will be accepting applications September 1st

[Spotlight] Revisiting the Vision: improving circulation and mobility in East Liberty

[Spotlight] Revisiting the Vision: creating a stable, mixed-income community

[News] Pittsburgh’s blight problem in the Pittsburgh Quarterly: featuring Rising Tide Partners

[News] Development update: Harvard Beatty Housing construction progressing quickly

[Spotlight] The story of Eastside and Whole Foods: how ELDI and Mosites transformed East Liberty’s commercial core

[News] The Detective Building is seeking tenants — retail and office space available

[Meeting] Enright Park + May Sterns Virtual Meetings — April 18th

[Spotlight]: “I’m about the people”: Donna Jackson’s journey to create change in Larimer

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