Nearing 60% completion, the Target structure opening in July 2011 provides another window into the trades.   Highlighting the Plumbing craftsmen of BMW Plumbing & Heating whom are installing the structures plumbingde-watering and storm water mitigation systems.   This 3 person crew features a Master and Journey Plumber.   Stay tuned for additional trade highlights, project updates and announcements regarding the hiring within the store.   For more information regarding Target, please visit


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  1. Gary Beaman says

    we are in dire need of more people from our community. the people who are working at target will not spend money in east lib they will spend it in upperst.clair. we have banks in our community that finance these jobs with our money yet we are protesting outside the construction site. protest our banks, protest our inadequate leadership (Birdsong). the Carpenters have at least four members that live in the area working at target and at least 40% minority members. the rest of the trades have none. this is unacceptable. i don’t like to see my friends “walking” past the site during working hour while we” drive” home after work.

    January 21st, 2011 | # |Edit This

  2. GaryBeaman says

    Ask and you shall…Thanks ELDI for your effforts in getting more minorities work atTarget. I was very happy to see the Minnefields working beside us. Good job and thank you. I’ll be in touch

    January 27th, 2011