On June 16, 2011, after several years in the making the construction of the new Target, East Liberty store located at 6231 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh finally completed.    The East Liberty Target is one of only nine in the country featuring two levels, with the lower one reserved for parking.   Uniquely, this store will be the only one in the country with windows on the retail floor.  The East Liberty Target will be the first store in the nation to include windows for natural lighting.  With the Grand Opening on July 24, 2011 Target East Liberty joins Home Depot and Whole Foods Market as anchors in a dynamic East Liberty commercial corridor that not too long ago was a poster child for inner city blight.

Target operates more than 1,750 stores in 49 states, including 140 SuperTarget stores.  The Target East Liberty store joins 60 other Pennsylvania stores and will include a PFresh section that offers a variety of perishable and frozen foods, meat, and dairy products.

The East Liberty Target location provided over 200 temporary construction jobs and formal trade apprenticeships during its nearly twelve months of development in addition to the numerous economic opportunities created among the five million dollar investment in streetscape and roadway conversion.   Stay tuned for construction highlights featuring local craft and trades person whom participated in the development of this new store.

Notably, Target East Liberty has also added over 250 permanent jobs to the area.   If you are interested in working for Target, please visit Target.com/careers.


Comments on this post:

  1. Emily Nordquist says

    This is wonderful to see! I believe I will be in town the weekend of the grand opening, maybe I’ll stop in for a few necessities before driving back to North Carolina!
    Keep up the good work ELDI! Thinking of you!

    July 4th, 2011 

  2. Jason says

    Very happy to see this finally opening. It is amazing to see the transformation East Liberty has undergone in the last few years.

    July 15th, 2011