Join the Dialogue and Resolution Center at the Center for Victims of Violence and Crime (CVVC) for The Power of Dialogue: Constructive Conversations on Divisive Issues May 3-5. The conference will be held from 8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. at CVVC’s Office (5916 Penn Ave.). Learn more below, and register here.

The Power of Dialogue: Constructive Conversations on Divisive Issues
The Power of Dialogue (POD) is an highly interactive workshop that combines teaching and experiential learning for practitioners and leaders. Participatns will build upon and expand their facilitation skills, allowing them to more effectively create conversations that foster mutual understanding between groups and individuals.


  • The dynamics of polarization and conflict, and the ways that strong emotion affects our ability to communicate.
  • The ways of speaking, listening and asking questions that open up conversation and relationships.
  • The difference between a speaker’s intent and the impact on the listener.


  • The elements of PCP’s dialogue practice–preparation, communication agreements, structures and questions.


  • The stages of dialogue–preparing, facilitating and participating–via an extended dialogue simulation.
  • The “dialogic” mindset, or the ability to create a space for multiple complex or conflicting views.